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Case Study

Chessington World of Adventures

Swimming Pool Plant Room at Chessington World of Adventures

The boiler system for the swimming pool at Chessington World of Adventures was an inefficient open vented system that struggled to maintain temperatures at peak times because it was undersized. The system only had one boiler, so in the event of a breakdown, the pool and its associated equipment would have no heating, resulting in cancelled classes and loss of earnings.

Chessington wanted to make their system more efficient, increase the boiler size so they could maintain more consistent temperatures and install an additional boiler to reduce the risk in the event of failure. We had worked with Chessington World of Adventures on previous projects so they had no hesitation in turning to us to undertake the work on this occasion.

The solution to greater efficiency and consistency of temperature was to convert the boiler system from an open vent to a closed vent system. This would increase efficiency and flow.

We fitted two Remeha Quinta Pro 65 boilers on a cascade system, sized correctly for the application to ensure correct temperatures were maintained. Critically, the installation of two boilers meant that if a breakdown occurred, the system would still work and there would be no disruption to the critical plant.

Because Chessington wanted to keep the pool open as normal throughout the installation, we needed to carry out the work without any disruption to the existing system. We achieved this by building the new boilers and then connecting to the existing system. This ensured there was no downtime.

Our work has ensured the pool at Chessington World of Adventures maintains a more consistent temperature than before. It also means there will be no disruption to activities in the pool or loss of earnings in the event of a breakdown.




“We had experienced numerous problems with the old system. The JDS team designed and installed our new boiler system, they were keen to help and ensure the system was installed in a quick and efficient manner without any disruption. We have achieved correct temperatures since the install, something that has not happened for some time.”

Manager. Chessington World of Adventures