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Case Study


Kantar – Standalone Air Conditioning Plant Installation

Kantar is one of the world’s leading data, insight and consultancy companies. Its London offices are on the third floor of a seven storey building which it shares with other tenants.

Kantar’s UK customer service function was about to move to a 24 hour operation. Providing air conditioning to maintain an ambient working temperature in its offices would have involved running the building’s central plant out of hours. This was adding an unacceptable level of cost to the switch to 24 hour working.

The solution was to install dedicated air conditioning for Kantar’s third floor offices that would prove much more cost-effective over time.

We designed and costed the project, recommending the installation of a Daikin VRV system and a Daikin Twin Split air conditioning system.

Several factors made the installation particularly challenging.

The indoor units needed to be installed on the third floor but connected to outdoor units situated on the seventh floor roof. This meant pipework needed to run through other tenants’ offices. We worked closely with the building manager to programme access to the main risers and majority of the work was completed outside office hours to minimise disruption.

The building’s main risers were already very congested, so new routes needed to be installed very carefully to avoid damaging existing services. To ensure precision, we used diamond drills to complete the installation.

The project was on a very tight timescale, with the new system needing to be operational by the time the switch to 24 hour working commenced. This was further complicated by high winds, which stopped works on the roof being carried out for a number of days. To keep the project on schedule, we undertook additional weekend working.

Despite the complications and setbacks, we completed the project on time and on budget. Our work means Kantar’s customer service team can deliver exceptional service 24 hours a day in an ambient environment that is cost-effective to run.




“I’d just like to thank JDS for delivering on time and on budget, a complicated VRV Airconditioning project, which had many difficult stages to accomplish what was specified.

JDS worked closely with the main contractor to achieve what we had asked for.  The project had many obstacles to overcome but JDS worked through these with great attention to detail.  The works had to be done out of hours and included co-ordinating planned works, through other tenants floors using the main riser.  This entailed precise drilling works to create enough room to feed the new pipe work to the roof to connect the systems outdoor units .

I would recommend JDS Team to others, wanting these types of works undertaken.”

Steve Brown, Facilities Director, Kantar