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Case Study


Unum. BMS Upgrades to Boiler, Ventilation and Chiller Panels

Unum is a leading employee benefits provider that offers financial protection through the workplace with solutions such as income protection, life insurance, critical illness and dental cover.

The company has its head office in a purpose-built nine-storey office block in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Mark Baker, Head of Property Services at Unum was keen to reduce the building’s running costs by improving the efficiency of its heating and cooling systems. He knew the solution was to upgrade the building management systems in the offices so the company would be able to harness the functionality and control modern systems provide.

Mark invited several contractors to tender for the work, including us because we had worked with Unum on a previous project. We were awarded the contract because we were able to demonstrate our understanding of Unum’s requirements and provided the most detailed and considered solution of all the contractors.

Our tender advised building management systems upgrades to Unum’s boiler, ventilation and chiller panels. We also advised upgrades to 121 fan coil units in the building because they did not have the controls needed to maximise the effectiveness of the new building management systems we would be installing.

We recommended using Trend IQ panels and software on the project. Trend IQ solutions put users in control of their building’s environmental performance and costs using a simple, intuitive browser interface. We knew from experience they would give Unum the level of detail and control required.

The installation of the upgraded building management systems was being carried out in an occupied building and it was important to minimise disruption to day-to-day working. To achieve this, our tender had proposed a phased installation. It essentially broke down one large project into nine smaller ones, one for each floor of the building. Using this approach, staff were disrupted as little as possible and we completed the work on time and on budget.

Now the installation is complete, Unum has better control of its building services and Mark is equipped to manage running costs and meet environmental targets much more effectively.




“We invited JDS to tender for this project because we’d used them in the past. We were very impressed with their professional approach from start to finish. At tender, they showed their understanding of our project and laid out the solution clearly – we could see they were the best contractors for the job.

The installation was carefully planned and went smoothly, with minimal disruption, which we appreciated. We now have a building that is much more efficient, which was our aim at the start of the project.”

Mark Baker. Head of Property Services, Unum & Partners